1,000 Year Archival DVD

Now a new archival DVD is available at Video Kitchen in the Highlands. We are proud to be able to offer this superior product for only $15 each when ordered as an additional DVD copy with any standard service - one copy to use and one to archive.

Do you have things you do not want to lose - things that you can not insure such as photos, movies, tapes, and important documents? Do you have memories that you want to pass along to future generations such as Life History stories, geneology studies, and legal papers?

Do you worry that if stored in a "cloud" service like Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, or others that their free service may no longer stay free or that they may suffer major failures beyon your control?

Do you worry that if you store everything on a currently owned computer or external storage that time and technology will rob future generations and your access to the files, history, and memories?


Just $15!

Includes a special library case with insert.

Billions of DVDs have been made since their introduction in 1995. Like phonograph records, there will likely be equipment around for a long time that will be able to read them

What's so special about this disc?

The data is etched in a stone-like surface. It has no dyes to fade and no metals to tarnish. It is completely compatible with all DVD players made since 2000. It has passed battle condition abuse tested by the US Navy at their China Lake Laboratories. The new archival disc is advertised to last 1,000 YEARS!

Now you can have a way to hold your most precious movies, photos, and documents truly under your care, custody, and control.